This high-speed flexo-printing machine is easy to operate. The device has an accurate colour printing process with the help of rolling materials. The meter counter can set printing quantity and colour usability as per requirement. One can stop automatically the machine after producing a certain pre-set quantity. Flexographic Printing Machinery is highly stable and durable, with excellent printing quality. It is most adept for printing HDPE, LDPE, PP, rolling paper, etc. Even coarse surfaces of non-woven fabrics can be well printed upon.

It features high colour saturation, strong adhesive force, good smoothness, and high speed.

Flexo Printing Machine

Max Web Width950mm
Max Printing Width
930 mm
Printing Circumference
Max Unwinding Diameter
Max Rewinding Diameter
Printing Gear
Max Printing Speed
120m/min(It depends on such as paper, ink and other
factors)Plate Thickness
Paste Version Tape Thickness
Substrate Thickness
40-300gsm paper
Power Supply
380V±10% 3PH 50HZ
: Infrared Dryer with 6pcs lamp
With cold foil printing
The highest temperature of heating dryer
Main Motor
Total Power: 37KW

Unwinder Unit

  • Max unwinding diameter 55inch1400mm, with 3-inch roll axis core, including Automatic web guiding device, correct the position of paper automatically. With paper binding table and hydraulic lifting paper shaft device, and with the auto-tension controller system
  • 3inch Air swelling shaft core
  • Electronic paper web guide traction device, there was a small offset paper web
    movement, the system can accurately continuously revised (Ikon V-600)
  • one Magnetic powder brake
  • with fast inflating gun
  • Feeding tension unit: Taper control technology to ensure the register precision.

Printing Unit

  • Four colours printing unit, ceramic anilox roller, printing roller, and embossing roller with high precision.
  • The printing unit adopts 45 degrees of DP13 helical gear structure. It can eliminate the vibration of the machine, to make it more stable and durable.
  • Printing roller :8pcs(free)
  • Ceramic Anilox roller: 4pcs(as require)
  • Anilox roller, printing roller pressure pneumatic clutch
  • Manual transverse focusing alignment 4 set
  • Manual vertical focusing alignment 4 set
  • Single pole reverse scraping system 4 set
  • Stainless steel cartridge 4 set
  • Fast-changing plate cylinder without any tools
  • Anilox roller rotation function: when the machine stopped the anilox roller still running automatically, to prevent ink dry on anilox roller, avoid the anilox roller plug.
  • The printing gear:cp1/8

Drying Unit

  • Each printing group with IR dryer with 6pcs lamps, controlled by independent switch, the temperature is adjustable.
  • Hot wind and natural cold wind blowing combination. (including the suction blower)The incoming air volume is adjustable in each unit.
  • Each printing group with hot air fans, ensure the quality of drying.(6 blowing and 1 suction)

Rewinder Unit

  • A set of winding for rewinding after printing, with motor-driven, ensure the stability of rewinding tension and the precision of high speed running.
  • with one 3inch rewind shaft core
  • Mounting device: fluorescent mounting machine, including the left and right symmetrical split-screen, save time mounting plate, reduce waste, shorten the time of adjustment. high precision lens, to meet the customer requirements of mounting precision
    and printing accuracy.

Main Technical Parameters

S. No



Max Unwinding Diameter 1400mm


Max Rewinding Diameter 1400mm


Printing Circumference 254–508mm


Max Web Width 950mm


Max Printing Width 930mm


Power supply 380V 3PH 50HZ


Printing Speed 5-1200m/min


Plate thickness 1.7mm


Tape thickness 0.38mm


Thickness of paper 40-300g


Size 5.2*2.0*2.2m


Weight About6000kgs