Automatic Paper Cup Machine – A Simple Way To Produce Low Cost And Environment Friendly Paper Cups!

Nowadays, more and more people working towards promoting environmental health that includes managing wastes by using the recyclable products. Ever since different industries began using disposable containers in order to decline the waste. This is the very reason, demand for the paper products are on cloud nine. And for meeting this demand the use of Automatic Paper Cup Machine is a necessity. These machines makes is easy and quick to form number of paper cups of different sizes to utilize for different uses.

These machines play a vital role in accelerating the paper cup business as it help business owners to meet the requirements of their clients on time with ease. Its advantages like low running cost, less rejection of paper cups, saving raw material wastage and continuous production cycles makes it the wise choice for making paper cups for meeting the high demand of the industry. All these features also make it an environment friendly machine.


Automatic Paper Cup Machine SPC 12

It’s a multi section automatic machine fully suitable for Indian standards. The production of paper cup completed with process of feeding, sealing, oil – filling, heating, knurling, convex knurling, curling, unloading, etc. It is ideal for making different size cups especially used for the hot drinks or some other beverages.

High Speed Fully Automatic Machine D16

These are high speed machines that finish paper cup formation with only one turn plate. The lubrication of these devices is increased to improve the life of the equipment and to reduce the man hour maintenance. It is the suitable option to produce 2.5-16oz cold/hot paper cup.

Top Notch Paper Cup Machine features:

1. Optimum performance
2. Fully automatic operation modes
3. Solid and Strong construction for longer life
4. Low power consumption
5. Gives quality paper cups of different varieties with lesser investment

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