Project Description


SPC-12 paper cup making machine is multi-section automatic machine. It has continuous automatic procedures like filling , sealing, oil – filling, heating, knurling, convex knurling, curling, unloading, etc. It is ideal equipment for producing paper testing- drinking cups, market cups, advertising cups, etc. it is widely used for hot drink and some beverage.


The main-frame of the machine is an incline. And the incline can help the cups easily drop into the plastic holes, the rate of which goes upto 99.99%. it can reduce paper wasting.
The shape of the head of oblate, which can seal the cups easily – The shape of the head is oblate, which can seal the cups easily.
The machine can send the bottom paper to the cup automatically and adjust itself because of a spring.
Inside of the machine, we use three ranges chains instead of conventional two ranges chains.

Technical Parameters

Product Speed : 55-60 cups/ Min.
Required Paper : 150-250 gsm Single PE coated paper (SPC-12)
Cup Size : 40ml -330ml
Total Power : 3.8kw
Weight : 1300kg
Air Supplier Requirement: 2.6m x 1.36m x 1.75m