Project Description


  1. The main- frame of the machine is an incline which can help the bowl easily drop into the plastic holes hence reducing the chance of wastage by 99.99%
  2. The shape of the head(mandrel) is oblate, which can seal the bowl easily. It is much better than the round.
  3. The machine send the bottom paper to the bowl automatically and adjust itself because of spring.
  4. The machine has air heaters for bottom sealing and uses water pump for double-PE paper.



Cup Size

A: Top Outside Diameter: 60~125mm

B: Height :60~135mm

C: Ready Bottom Diameter:50~97mm

D: Depth Of Cup Bottom: 4.5~11mm

Required Paper

250-400gsm Single/Double Pe Coated


50-60 Cups/Min

Air Requirement

0.4m³/Min ,Air Source Request (Double Pe): 0.4-0.6 Mpa


[Lxwxh ] 2.85*1.4*1.95 M




  • Gear drive, more stable running, speed up and reduce the cost of maintenance.
  • 125 type speed reducer is used instead 100 type.
  • Higher transmission, better parallelism, sensitivity And precision for use. 
  • Best quality ultrasonic is used to seal the double side coated Cups with precision.
  • Machine runs on Open-Cam structure which provides More speed and stability.
  • Lubrication Box is added to machine to provide oiling

At regular intervals, it enhances the working life of the



  1. How may persons are required to run the machine?

         A: One person is sufficient to run the machine and do the packaging of the rrrrrready containers.

  1. Is the machine single phase or three phase?

         A: The machine can run on both single phase and three phase. However wwwe suggest you to install servo stabiliser in your premises.

  1. Do I need to buy air compressor for container machine?

          A: Yes, the machine has air heaters.