Paper Cup Machine

Nowadays, the use of paper cups is tremendously increasing as it is hygienic, environment friendly and have the capability to store both hot or cold liquids for long duration. But the demand of the product is unmet by the supply as there are very few manufactures of the paper cups. This is the very reason, paper cup manufacturing business is one of the most suitable and demanding business.

For starting this business, one of the main requirements is the Paper Cup Making Machine which entrepreneur can simply buy from the market. But it is must to choose the machine carefully that is easy and safe to use. Safety is always the basic need for the machine operator so it must to understand its safety instructions beforehand.

Here are some instructions that help in using these machineries safely and increase the productivity:

• Preparatory Work Before Operation:

These machines usually transported from long-distance thus it is necessary to strictly examine it before operating. Now, finish the relevant preparatory work as per the operational manual before debugging. It is must to debug its different stations and check their action as each action undertake independent function of paper cup production.

• Debugging Paper Cup Machine:

Debugging is very important as it helps in achieving the rational position of accessories with preset functional action. Usually, the equipments sold to the user is already debugged but if there is any change on position during usage than it must be drugged again to fully understand and get familiar with the performance structure principle. Some of the debug reference positions are:

• Parallelism between located board and aluminum plate
• Locate degree and uniform of the eight molds and handle to overlap
• Parallelism between pressing plate and cup wall forming mold.
• Loosen the fastening screw on the swing arms before starting machine

• Starting Operation Of Machinery

Before switching on the machinery, rotate the belt wheel manually to check the interference between each action. Now, connect with power for preheating and set the temperature of different controllers as per the instructions given by machine manufacture. Once the temperature arrives to desired level, start the production by adjusting the paper.

It is notable that every machinery have different safety measures so check them carefully beforehand to avoid any accident later. After following the instructions, if there is any problem involving structure, performance or any technical capability prevails, just contact with company at once.

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