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Our Story

History of Swastik paper is a journey of innovation, Hard work, Adaptability, Helping People and Commitment towards the Environment, all filled with emotions and challenges.

Ravinder Gupta , founder of Swastik Paper, moved to Delhi in 1988 for work. With due diligence, he founded Swastik paper in 1990 to start manufacturing of Paper disposable products. At that time when the plastic industry was booming, he put his faith on paper alternatives for a better environment.

Swastik Paper initially started manufacturing Paper plates,tissues, glasses and over the years assisted people in the industry in maintenance of machines and procurement of raw materials selflessly. He believed in helping people with the motto of growth is life.

In order to curb this menace, we decided to support and encourage people in manufacturing of products as alternatives for plastic products by providing High Quality Machines and Excellent Services. Paper Cups, Glasses, Bowls, Plates, Containers, Lids to replace non-biodegradable plastic and thermocoal disposable products.